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Mousey when being asked about What she does by her Extended Family
Mousey when being asked about What she does by her Extended Family

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Mousey when being asked about What she does by her Extended Family.

she does.

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36 thoughts on “Mousey when being asked about What she does by her Extended Family | เนื้อหาที่ปรับปรุงใหม่เกี่ยวกับshe does

  1. Delta_62 says:

    Yeah, it’s kind awkward since aside from getting sick from COVID twice, life was actually pretty okay for me during the Pandemic. I got to work from home and, at the time, I had just finished turning a room in our house into a gaming room/office, so I was enjoying life. It’s kinda awkward to say to people who weren’t as introverted as I am.

  2. Cobalt Prime says:

    I would explain it as; “I entertain millions of people while being confined to my house due to my illness. And these last 2 years have been the best of my career because I was able to entertain people going through such a hard time. Being able to laugh with me and my friends. To forget about the pandemic at least for a little while. And it’s gotten me, not just millions of fans but some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. And I’m grateful for the life I have doing it.”

  3. YuriDSC says:

    Success is quiet. In general, never celebrate your victories too loud. Don't forget that most of even your beat friends don't like to see you doing better than them and will active try to undermine you. This isn't being paranoid or cynical, is called experience in life.

  4. Cheezeblade says:

    I would die laughing if someone was like “damn that years sucked omg” and then find out they’re a vtuber tsundere opera rat in a fancy boys bike basket playin crane games.

  5. Lycon Xero says:

    To be fair, these last few years have actually been pretty bad for me personally. Falling down the Vtuber hole has been a nice distraction but it unfortunately doesn't change how shitty everything else has become.

  6. Jonas Quinn says:

    I get what she means, the lockdown was pretty fucking sweet for me and my family because it was like two years we got off from work and school with none of our direct family being effected by COVID so we just hung out and caught up on a lo of great shows but I feel bad talking about how fun it was because it was an awful timefor a lot of people I know

  7. Jonathan Lalthankima says:

    Before I used to go out once a week at least, now its once a month. I read a lot more though. I quit my job and have been living on my savings for a few months now, ill probably have to go find a job before next year or ill be broke which sucks, life is really slow and chill right now.

  8. Little Pony says:

    I get what she means, but Mousey, you gotta remember, when your whole life has been absolute garbage, but you finally get a good year after so many years, to be honest, even if that year happens to be "one of the worst" for others, they gotta remember that every single year you've been living has been an absolute nightmare, so for you to finally be happy and experience what everyone has probably been experiencing before 2020 is just what you deserve, and no one's opinion can change that.

  9. Elijah Jackson says:

    I can kinda sympathize with mouse here, while I am aware of the global sh*tshow that was 2020,

    I managed to find my dream career path thanks to my brother & cut out my toxic, bipolar, alcoholic mom.

  10. Couran says:

    2020 was horrible but it didn’t completely suck for me either. Really helped with my mental health when everyone seems to kind of get it a bit. Plus a bunch of good stuff came through on the side so yeah not the worst year of my life by any means.

  11. Ortekk says:

    For me personally, C19 barely impacted my life. It just made things a tad inconvenient at times.
    I really got a reality check when I met a girl that had studied in Italy, and she told stories of armed police being stationed outside the dorm she lived at, literally shoving people back into their apartments, and a general struggle to get food and other necessities. Not to mention how difficult it was to return home, she was forced to stay a few months longer than intended.

    What are you going to say? You can't really say that "I haven't noticed much of a difference…"! Like, shit was fuucked up, and I barely saw any of it.

  12. Inaban says:

    Totally get wanting to not share to make someone feel bad. But, I think it's also how you find out which friends will genuinely be happy for you no matter what. I think it's how I kept many of my really successful friends. I was also struggling a bit during that time, but when a buddy called me up and said he got a new job that pays 2x more than his previous one, my response was "That's awesome, lets celebrate."

  13. Lau Ste says:

    Honestly I’m in the same spot. I finally got on anti anxiety meds which also improved my mood, my relationship got better, my business took off, got an excuse to stay home way more which really catered to my introversion and improved my anxiety even more than just the meds alone. I’d say the only personal downside for me has been how isolated my grandmas have been 🙁

  14. БОДЬКА says:

    Same. 2020 is the year when my life started to come together. I lost weight, after being fat my whole life, changed job, started business. But I feel really bad when I see other peoples straggle with money, been depressed and gaining weight, while I'm doing great.

  15. darklessian says:

    There are a few Puerto Ricans in my Ph.D. program, and the way they gossip makes me believe mouse 100% that the whole island would know if she told her extended family.

  16. Warzol says:

    depending what has happen to them while away from other family members, yeah it can be a shitty year or a great year for some like ironmouse just said. as it stands, you don't bring it up with others cause people will feel like "you're better then me?!" kinda deal. it's part of human nature that is a thing… kinda why she doesn't bring it up with her extended family. just leave ironmouse's other deal a lone, should be no one else's business unless she asks for help.


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