25 thoughts on “How to Backup and Restore or Sync Contacts from Google Account on Android Mobile Phone | ข้อมูลล่าสุดเกี่ยวกับbackup and sync android

  1. CPO Rajanna says:

    Sir, I have a Problem with Lenovo K5 Vibe Note…. am not explain in Text so pls give ur number and i will clearly explain and pls rectify my contacts syncing problem… Pls send ur number

  2. Raja says:

    Sir, your video is NOT complete and the advice inadequate. What is essential is this: When we go to Contacts on Android, select a contact, and then tap on EDIT, on the top there will be columns: Phone, Google, Cloud, etc. Only if there is an entry for Google, will it sync with the online Google Contacts. Data under the "Phone" entry will NOT SYNC with Google. While creating a new contact, we have a choice whether to make it a phone contact or a Google contact. (on my phone I have to choose between phone, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Exchange. Choose the Google contact option to faithfully back up to the online Google account. So there it is.


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