Traveling Space Museum
The Traveling Space Museum After School Academy presents 4 or 6 weeks of highly interactive aerospace education curriculum for elementary and middle school students. The program will run at three different schools at the same time. The three schools will all be of the same grade level. The curriculum will include literacy, science, math, and art experiences. The program is centered around three hubs, each located at a different school site. Each hub provides a full-scale simulator and a corresponding set of sequenced lessons. The Orion Flight Simulator hub will convey lessons pertaining to aerodynamics, rocketry, and laws of motion. The Odyssey SpaceLab hub focuses on the microgravity environment and its effects on astronauts. The third hub, Mission Control, teaches lessons in communications. Each of the three hubs will rotate to another of the three school sites every two weeks. The three schools will be linked together by the Internet and the closed circuit cable features of the three simulators.
Orion Shuttle Aeronautics Study of airplane design, atmospheric flight Aerodynamics, rocketry, flight physiology, flight training, history of flight
Odyssey SpaceLab Microgravity environments Living and working in space, Life and Physical sciences Food, clothing, housing, health, recreation, work, astronaut training, spin-offs
Mission Control Communications & Technology Study applications of communications and technology Mission Control operations, linguistics, jargon, Morse code, radio, TV, computers, ComSats
A major feature of the TSM After School Academy experience is the combination of didactic instruction with the experiential aspects of the lessons. Academy 'cadets' will be making models, mobiles, puzzles, and other creations, while the information is being presented. The object of these activities is to have the students experience the lessons. These creations will serve as lasting mementos and subject references, while enabling the student to share their experiences at home.

In addition, the TSM After School Academy will consider event opportunities such as weekend field trips to nearby science centers and aerospace facilities, which would be age appropriate. A graduation ceremony from the Academy will be the final element of the experience.
Lesson Plan Overview