Curiosity Sticks the Landing!

The best line to describe NASA’s latest history making achievement came from the Planetary Society’s own fearless leader, Bill Nye—that nutty Science Guy. Before a rousing crowd of 4,000 space geeks—all glued to TV monitors at the Pasadena Convention Center, Bill Nye said: “If this was Olympic gymnastics, I’d say they stuck the landing!”

During the '7 minutes of terror,' the collective blood pressure rose as Curiosity's speed increased as it neared Mars. Cheered went up with each successful milestone reached-- especially the parachute deployment. At 'touchdown' the room was pure bedlam!

Hours before ‘the terror,’ a parade of space visionaries that included former TSM volunteer and now CEO of Virgin Galactic, George Whitesides, X-Prize founder, Peter Diamandis, Mars mission evangelist, Bob Zubrin, and others set an optimist tone regarding the Curiosity landing and the possibility of more unmanned and even manned Martian missions in the not too distant future. TSM favorite, author Andy Chaikin joined Society Co-founder, Lou Friedman in a moving remembrance of author, Ray Bradbury.

Surprised guests included writer-producer (and famed Family Guy), Seth MacFarlane and writer-producer (and wife of Carl Sagan), Ann Duryan. Seth MacFarlane purchased 800 boxes of Carl Sagan’s personal papers for the Library of Congress and will produce a sequel to Sagan’s groundbreaking miniseries, Cosmos. Ann Duryan promises that the new series would cover controversial subjects including global warming mind and will be presented by another TSM favorite, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Ivor Dawson and TSM’s newest Protégé engineering student, Fidel Otanez explore XCOR’s Lynx single stage to suborbital mockup.

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