Bill Nye’s “Science Guys” to Team Up with Traveling Space Museum!

TSM Founder, Ivor Dawson shows off his new Space Shuttle Waste Containment System to the famous ‘Science Guy,’ Bill Nye. (All Photos by Lilian Darling Holt)

Though long expected, it was still a big surprise when Traveling Space Museum was invited to meet with heads of the Planetary Society and it’s new Executive Director, Bill Nye -The Science Guy™ The meeting was called to discuss the possibility of joining forces with TSM as a way of reaching a much younger and more diverse audience. And not a moment too soon! Both groups see the need to inspire young people as being very crucial, as America slips from dominance in the world of science.

For the uninitiated, Bill Nye hosted 100 TV episodes aired on PBS (from 1993 to 1997) and was seen by millions of grade school students across the country. A former stand up comic armed with a bow tie and a science degree, Nye became the face of science education to both Generations X and Y as he continues to be seen on many PBS stations long after the original Science Guy show was cancelled.

The Planetary Society bills itself as “the largest and most influential public space organization group on Earth” and for good reason. The Society was co-founded by the late great celebrity astronomer, Carl Sagan along with Lou Friedman and Bruce Murray over 30 years ago. Sagan’s many appearances on the “Tonight Show” and his “Cosmos” TV special helped to popularize astronomy and robotic space missions during the 1980’s. As Bill Nye was a student of Sagan’s at Cornell, the proverbial torch was passed!

The Planetary Society and Traveling Space Museum have agreed to work on several proposed concepts including the further development of a charter high school run by the Wathen Foundation located at Flabob Airport in Riverside CA. The Wathen Academy will serve as a model for future aviation education centers to be created across the country. The Planetary Society will also outreach to the African American Community beginning in Greater Los Angeles as well the faith-based community there. Representatives from the United Methodist Church Pacific Conference and other churches plan future meetings with TSM and the Society. Members of the Planetary Society have also proposed the sponsorship of TSM Space Day events in Los Angeles.

Nye’s predecessor and Society co-founder Lou Friedman has been a longtime supporter of Traveling Space Museum and was a prime mover in this planned alliance. Thank you Lou!

New space ed. partners take TSM’s new Lunar Utility Vehicle for a spin.